Countdown to event Toronto 09.28.19



Jason Maslakow (Dart Guy) has joined the Scotiabank® Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer team!

Jason Maslakow never his passion for the Toronto Maple Leafs while working as an auto worker in Cambridge, Ontario, but life (and ours!) changed in Game Two of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals. Travelling down to D.C., Jason shaved his hair into the shape of the Stanley Cup, painted his face white and added a blue Maple Leaf, then pulled his Maple Leafs jersey over his head. A camera person caught Jason in the crowd, and as the Leafs won 4-3 in double-overtime, ‘Dart Guy’ was born. A guest of the Maple Leafs for Game Three in Toronto, the home team won again, and Dart Guy became an instant celebrity.